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Our complete LEV Testing Service is designed to help your company meet the health and safety guidelines specified in Regulation 9 of COSHH and the HSG54 guidance document.

The current Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) document specifies that LEV testing should be carried out every 14 months or under.

Our BOHS P601 qualified service engineers will carry out regular routine examinations to your extraction equipment ensuring you are compliant with all Health & Saftey Regulations.

What is LEV?

Local Exhaust Ventilation removes harmful fumes, dust, gases, mist and vapour from the air to avoid the risk of inhalation. An LEV system can work in one of two ways 1) collect contaminated air, clean it then filter it back into the room or space or 2) collect contaminated air, contain it and remove the contaminated air from the area safely.

LEV in the Workplace

Local Exhaust Ventilation is used in the workplace to remove harmful substances from the air and protect workers. The problem we come across time and time again is the chosen LEV system isn’t providing the correct type of extraction for the application. This is usually due to misinformation, the LEV system not being properly fitted or because the system isn’t being serviced on a regular basis. If this sounds familiar then get in touch with us and one of our helpful team of LEV engineers will be able to help you find the correct LEV system for your application or give you advice on how it should be properly maintained.

What is an LEV Test?

An LEV test involves a qualified engineer measuring how efficient a local exhaust ventilation system is using specialist airflow instruments. The results can then be analysed to find faults and potential problems that could hinder the extraction and filtering properties of the LEV.

When an LEV test is carried out a report is generated onsite that conforms to the HSE regulation guidelines. The report shows the results from the test with accompanying notes including maintenance work to be carried out in the event of a fault, parts to be replaced and the effectiveness of the system.

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